Sketchbook 2016

Process & Visualisation

Renderings and sketches from 2016. Click images to enlarge.

A revisit of the Busker's Beacon project I did at University. Marker, pen and pencil.

Sketch of the Puppy chair by Eero Aarnio for Magis Design. Marker, pen and pencil.

Sketch of a Dewalt 18 volt Cordless Drill. Marker, pen and pencil.

HTC's VIVE virtual reality headset. Marker, pen and pencil.

 Alessi Parrot Corkscrew - Proust. Marker, pen and pencil.

Ardea Armchair by Carlo Mollino for Zanotta, 1944. Marker, pen and pencil.

Form exploration from headphone display project.

Thought about a lunch box that has an extra insert to secure the contents in place whilst in transit. Nobody likes bruised apples and deconstructed sandwiches.  Marker, pen and pencil.

Wire chair ideas with felt seat cover.